Identity Crisis Noa Brosh

In 2022, my Identity has been stolen. Since then, I realized that AI can be our best friend but also be our worst enemy. In this project, I analyzed how AI can be used to recreate identity and how easy it is to collect data about everyone of us.

Experiment 001 Is it possible to produce something that accurately mimics my voice and sounds like me?
Experiment 002

There is someone that looks like me, she even present herself under my name.

After successfully mimicking my voice, I became curious to see how far I could go and how easy it is to steal someone’s personality. In this experiment, I used AI tools to create a character that looks and sounds like me.

The Experiment

Private information about each of is accessible to anyone

How much information do you think I can collect from 7 minutes on your Instagram account?

With the help of Machine Learning, the computer recognizes Natalie’s face when she appears on the screen and begins to analyze all the data it has received. At this point, Natalie don’t know about the project and believed it was just an innocent photoshoot.

The Reaction Natalie sees the video in its entirety for the first time and realizes how much information I was able to gather about her through a simple 7-minute stroll through her Instagram page.